University-Level students

Our team of specialist tutors are very accessible to our degree students

Learning Support

The College has an experienced and successful Learning Support Team who can provide guidance, information and support for any student at the College.

Specialist additional support is available for students with identified learning difficulties/disabilities. This is provided in various ways, such as individual tutorials, note-taking support or the use of technical equipment, and is funded through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). However, this support is only available for those students who have completed the DSA process.

Any student who believes they have a difficulty/disability and would like to speak to a member of the team is welcome to contact the Higher Education Team. They will offer relevant advice and guidance to any student applying for the DSA.

Any student applying for a DSA must have a diagnostic assessment report completed after their 16th birthday which has been written by a relevant professional. Please note Student Finance England states: It is your responsibility to pay any costs to obtain the required evidence (Student Finance England, 2011).

The Learning Support team also has close links with a range of external agencies which provide specialist support where appropriate.

The Team aims to provide an open and supportive environment where difficulties/disabilities can be discussed and tackled in confidence.

Please find further information about DSA approved Specialist Support Provision and costs at HCA here.

View our DSA QAG accreditation here. 

Learning Support
Study Plus

The Study Plus programme is accessible by any student who needs focused support. Students can ‘drop-in’ or book into sessions. The programme is designed to run alongside their main course of study and is to enable students to push their potential and to fill any gaps that may open up as the academic year runs its course.

Study Plus is run by highly experienced tutors who are specialists within the fields of English and maths. Areas which can be covered in Study Plus include reflective journals, discourse modules, cultural studies, research, essay planning, organisation, and presentations, alongside working on specific units of work.

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