College-level students

Hereford College of Arts has a diverse mix of students, including people with different learning styles and needs.

Learning Support

Our goal is to create a positive, inclusive atmosphere where students who require additional support can easily access it, and develop skills and strategies that encourage independence and provide the same opportunities to benefit, wherever possible, from education or any other aspect of student life.

Additional Learning Support supports students' learning on their main course of study and offers:

  • Initial assessment to identify any support needs
  • Application for exam concessions if appropriate
  • Support with essay work, sketchbook annotations, oral presentations, portfolio management, and preparing for Higher Education and relevant advice and guidance on applying for Disabled Students Allowance
  • Weekly tutorials for students offering a wide range of support in improving English and mathematical ability, developing research, organisation and time management skills, and promoting an understanding of course related language.

Study Plus

Study Plus

The Study Plus Programme is designed for students who are at risk of failing their courses because they are behind in one or more of their units. The students will work to complete these units to the best of their ability in the time scale they are given by their tutor.

The sessions are 1.5 hours, once a week, working on a maximum of a 1:3 'tutor to student' ratio with students, grouped according to their course area.

Students are referred following a discussion with their Tutor about the work that needs to be completed.  Attendance at Study Plus is compulsory and the student will work with the specialist tutors until the work is finished.  Once the work has been handed in and signed for by the relevant member of staff, the student is then withdrawn from the Study Plus Programme.

The aim of Study Plus is to ensure that all students have the support and guidance to complete their course to the best of their ability and succeed in their chosen area.

We understand that sometimes there are issues that are out of the students' control that may contribute to them falling behind. The programme is here to help students to move forward and to succeed in their chosen field.

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