Portfolio Guidance

A portfolio is a collection of your recent art work that presents the skills and ideas you have developed. As with all our students international applicants will need to submit a portfolio as part of their application process

A Portfolio should demonstrate your abilities, creativity, personality and reflect that you have a good understanding or potential for a particular course. You will have the opportunity to discuss the work in your portfolio when we interview you.

Digital Portfolios
If you are unable to send your portfolio you can submit a digital portfolio. This can be sent to us on a CD/DVD or via a link to your online portfolio or cloudbased programme.


Be prepared to adapt your portfolio according to the course you are applying to. For example, if you are applying to BA (Hons) Textile Design make sure your portfolio and your current work reflects that you already have a keen interest in that area. If your work is three-dimensional take photos of the finished product against an everyday object so we can see the scale of your work.

The portfolio should be well organised so that whoever looks through it understands how you develop your ideas and how you move from one idea to the next. Include scans of your best pages from notebooks and sketchbooks.

Show the range of what you can do, concentrating on recent work. Include visual and other background research, sketches, models and prototypes - not just the finished work.

It should show whatever interests you, and how it influences the work you are passionate about, for example fashion, music, or sport.

Pick work that shows ideas, skills and media that you want to explore further on the course you are applying for. Don’t include too much and avoid repetition of one kind of work. Generally 15 to 25 items should be enough.

An objective eye
You may find it helps to ask a friend or a teacher to look at your portfolio to see if it shows you to your best advantage.

We look forward to seeing your work

Good luck!