Arabella Simpson makes the front cover!

As part of a second year project on 'Empathy', co-ordinated by Illustration tutor Aine Venables, the students were asked to produce a series of illustrations and infographics to be used in Dr Carmel Conn's new publication - Play and Friendship in Inclusive Autism Education, published by Routledge.

The students worked closely with Carmel to create images which successfully communicated her intended meaning. The book is meant for use by teachers, students and professionals, so the illustrations had to be functional and accessible as well as aesthetically striking. Extensive research activity helped develop specialist knowledge and gave all the young designers a new understanding of Autism and the power of Empathy.

The Publishers were so impressed with Arabella Simpson's bold and dynamic illustrations that they decided to use them on the front cover. The book comes out in March and includes selected illustrations by Arabella, Charlotte Phillips, Steph Johnson and Miranda Smith. However, Rhys Burgess, Amanda Cross, Eleanor Leek, Natalie Price, Aaron Woolley and Jamie- Lee Rolfe also submitted designs giving Carmel, and the team at Routledge, some very difficult decisions as the standard of work was so high and professionally submitted.

Well done to everyone involved with a loud cheer to Arabella for making it onto the front cover!