Illustration student shortlisted for prestigious Penguin Random House Student Design Award

The Illustration course is super-proud to announce that third year student Max Low has been shortlisted for this year’s  'Penguin/Random House Student Design Award’.
Max designed a front and back cover for ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and received the following feedback from one of Penguin’s in-house Art Directors.
‘I love the use of colour and collage. I like the fact that everything is unique and hand crafted, nothing repeated by cloning in photo-shop. I (also) like the way you’ve laid out the copy on the back cover. I love the feel that I get when looking at the design, very Americana. I can see race, religion, emotion and country represented’ - Jason Smith

The final awards will be announced at a Prize-giving party in London on Wednesday 21st June. Max and his partner (fellow Illustration student Amy Lowe) will be there and the rest of us will be keeping our fingers crossed. Whatever happens, the illustration course and Max’s friends on the Foundation course here at HCA are delighted at his success. Well done Max!
Here’s what Max had to say about his design for the Penguin web-site

Max Low - Hereford College of Arts

What is the inspiration behind your design?
I wanted to portray the general feeling of the book rather than any particular event, scene or passage; I'm dyslexic and often struggle to read, so I tend to understand books through the imagery and overall feeling when reading them.

What does this book mean to you?

I think it is important as an educational tool, to promote empathy, understanding and awareness, but also to show that change ultimately comes from within the community. I first read it while I was at school and back then I just found it hugely visual and entertaining.