Brian Hatton

Brian Hatton Young Artist Competition 2017

This year we have linked the competition with Herefordshire Artist Brian Hatton. During his life, Brian Hatton created over 1000 art works. Raised in Hereford, Brian's subjects included his family, local people and landscapes. Below are some examples of how his work developed as he grew up and perfected his artistic skills. We encourage entrants to explore his work which may provide some inspiration.

First Drawings, 1889, aged 2 in pencil
Brian's mother realised very early on that her son had a special talent for drawing and therefore kept much of his early work. As a boy he was always interested in drawing and filled many sketchbooks. Above are his first ever drawings, created when he was just two years old.

Dog in a bed - 1895, aged 8 in pencil
Aged just 8 years old, he was awarded his first medal by the Royal Drawing Society.

Self-portrait, 1898, age 11 in pencil
In 1898, at the age of 11 Brian was Awarded the ‘Gold Star’ of the Royal Drawing Society for his self-portrait. The artist G F Watts admired Brian’s talent and began to take a keen interest in his development.

Drawing of local people,1900, age 13 in pen
Brian's favourite subjects included landscape views, horses and other animals, agricultural activities and country people.

Self-portrait, 1908, age 21 in chalk

10 years on, the development of his work is astounding. 

Rearing Horses, 1910, age 23 in water colour
It was in the spring of this year that Brian received his first commissions. These commissions were usually portraits, although some of them included the sitter's favourite dog, racehorse or ponies. 


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