Course Overview

Our workshops offer a chance to be adventurous  and explore your creativity. Work alongside our expert teaching staff, access our specialist resources and  make new friends!

Fantasy Make-up (ages 9-11)

Be a theatrical make-up artist for the day – learn the art, techniques, secrets and tips using the professional materials for the stage and screen.  You will have great fun creating some amazing visual effects; from zombie make-up to gruesome wounds!

Theatre Bootcamp (ages 11-16)
Do you love drama and dream of being on the stage? Spend the day leaning stage techniques and working towards a group final piece!

Fashion Illustration (ages 11-16)
Learn to draw fashion illustrations like a pro! Explore line and shading, take your fashion ideas from your head to the paper, bringing your drawings alive with colour and texture!

Gif Master (ages 11-16)
Gifs are like the flip books of the internet — great for conveying thoughts and emotions that words can’t describe. Showcase the antics of your adorable household pets, making abstract art, or just giving you a good chuckle. Master the art of the animated Gif and explore the exciting new world of Cinemagraphs in this fun workshop. All student work will be viewable online at the end of the day!

Learn to be a Potter (ages 11-16)
Get messy with clay!  Be a potter for the day and learn the techniques and skills needed to design and create your very own piece of pottery.   Experiment with different applications and pick up professional tips.

Textiles – Personalise & Customise (ages 11-16)
Explore the textiles workshop and customise your own cotton bag! Create your very own design that is sure to impress by experimenting with screen-printing, embelishment and colour!

3D Workshop – Create & Make (ages 11-16)
Get creative in the 3D workshop and make something amazing. This workshop combines all the elements of design, processing and making, using 21st Century technology.

Please note the deadline for enrolments is Friday 3rd February 2017.

Equipment is supplied.
Please wear workshop suitable clothing and closed toe shoes.
Please note the Spring School terms and conditions below.
You must complete and return the booking form together with payment to secure a place.

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For more information please contact The Short Course team by email, or call 01432 845302.