Values & Ambitions

Our mission is to provide outstanding education and employability in the creative arts

Our Strategic Plan for 2014-2019


Our mission is to provide outstanding education and employability in the creative arts


  • Students empowered to succeed through transformative arts-based education
  • Widely recognised as a leading arts school for the 21st century
  • Expanded higher education provision and international recruitment
  • Strong and inspirational further education courses leading to employment or HE progression
  • A major contributor to the cultural and economic life of the region


  • Every student, their needs and potential, remains at the heart of what we do
  • Staff are valued and supported to work together in an open and dynamic College community
  • Education through creative arts practice is the distinctive feature of all our provision
  • We support the employability and entrepreneurial ambitions of our students

Strategic Objectives

Student experience and outcomes
To provide exciting and challenging learning opportunities which are responsive to and inclusive of the needs of students, the creative arts industry and the wider community

Teaching and Learning
To provide a supportive environment in which innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment are  encouraged, valued and recognised for all staff and students in the college

Recognition and reputation
To be recognised for excellent standards of arts practice and as a specialist centre for contemporary creative arts education from school, through higher education and postgraduate study to employment

Expansion and development
To develop and expand Higher Education provision, working towards a future application for our own taught degree awarding powers on the way to our longer term goal of becoming a university for the arts

Cultural  and economic contribution
To enhance HCA’s role as a leader in the arts for student entrepreneurship and employability as an integral part of the wider student experience

To be part of the transformation of Hereford and the region through education, culture and enterprise

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