Hereford College of Arts National Student Survey 2017

For another year running, Hereford College of Arts (HCA) has achieved excellent results in the National Student Survey (NSS). HCA achieved 90% overall satisfaction, and ranks highly in the UK, where the national benchmark is 81% for overall satisfaction. It is also placed well above the regional benchmark for providers based in the West Midlands.

With its 90% overall satisfaction rating, HCA was rated higher than nearby universities including Worcester University, University of Gloucestershire and Cardiff Metropolitan University (all achieved overall satisfaction of 84%) and Birmingham City University (82% overall satisfaction).
HCA students completing the survey also provided very positive responses around the quality of the teaching of their courses, with 93% positively rating the teaching on their course, and 93% agreeing their course provided opportunities for them to explore ideas or concepts in depth. When asked if their course challenged them to achieve their best work, an impressive 96% of HCA students agreed it had.

The NSS measures student satisfaction and feedback in higher education.  Scoring is based on teaching, tutor support, assessment and learning, and the survey was completed by approx. 303,765 final year students on degree programmes this year.  Across the UK, 84% of students who completed the survey were overall satisfied with their course.