Equality & Diversity

Equality and Diversity are an integral part of life at Hereford College of Arts

At Hereford College of Arts we value social and cultural diversity. We work hard to promote equality of opportunity for all of our students and staff, as well as everyone else we come into contact with.

The College is committed to ensuring everyone is given equal access to opportunities and is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of age, gender, disability, long-term health challenges, learning difficulties and disabilities, sexual orientation, religion or belief. 

Courses go out of their way to cover issues which affect people on a day to day basis and to integrate Equality and Diversity into everything that students are part of. HCA aims to provide environments that encourage everyone to participate in learning, and to provide a safe community for learning, where harassment and bullying are not tolerated.

Equality & Diversity Report
Single Equality Scheme Objectives

Case Studies



Sweet Charity flashmob in Hereford

Sweet Charity

Course /Level: Level 3 Performing Arts Extended Diploma
Dates:  April – June 2016

About  the project:

“The script dealt with [Equality & Diversity] issues in spoken text and subtext directly for the audience. The staging of the show took it one step further to portray issues in a visual sense, e.g. a dance was choreographed to convey the sexual exploitation of women.
In discussion sessions, I actively led the students through breaking down what the playwright had included in the themes and issues. In groups they took different characteristics, and the PREVENT agenda, to look at what was highlighted in the script. From that, it informed the character delivery of lines and physical movement to fully represent the issues to the audience in their performance.
The session above raised the students’ awareness greatly, and allowed me to use this in my direction i.e. the sexual exploitation dance and asking them to use a movement but let their face show the unhappiness etc.
When choosing the show I decided to raise money for West Mercia’s Women’s Aid, and Hope Support Services. This helped raise awareness of Domestic violence with the students but also with the public audiences we had at two venues in the local community.
The show was a great success in highlighting issues for the students and they fed back that it was nice to, “not just talk about it in tutorial,” but relevantly and practically address issues within their subject.”
Naomi Cook, Performing Arts Tutor
This project explored the following aspects of equality and diversity: Religion or belief (including lack of belief); Sex; Gender reassignment; Domestic violence


Rights to Education

Course /Level: Students from Extended Diploma Art & Design, Performing Arts, and Music (a collaborative cross course project)
Dates: Spring 2015

About the project:

Approximately 20-25 students came together to participate in a collaboration, culminating in a performance for the public, raising awareness of the lack of opportunity for education in some parts of the world.

This provided a great opportunity for students from different course areas to work on a common goal, which raised awareness for participating students on the lack of access to education in some parts of the world, as well as increasing awareness for their peers, who came and supported a preview of the performance at CRC.

Art students produced visuals that were projected during the performance.
Dancers performed 3 routines.
Music students developed and performed the musical accompaniment.

Sections of the painting collaboration produced in the developmental stage of the project were sold on the afternoon and evening of the performance and proceeds were donated to the charity Hay2Timbuktu to help support education initiatives in Mali.

This project explored the following aspects of equality and diversity:  Race (including ethnic or national origins, colour or nationality); Religion or belief (including lack of belief); Sex


Stephanie Mortimore's Body Confidence campaign explored issues around body image throughout the College

Body Confidence Campaign


Course /Level: BA (Hons) Photography
Dates: 2015-16

About the project:

BA (Hons) Photography student and Student Union President Stephanie Mortimore created a project where students and staff were photographed holding up statements they had written, revealing their thoughts on their own bodies.  This work led to a poster campaign, designed by Stephanie and exploring statistics on body image.

"Too often the media dictate and manipulate the way we feel about ourselves. Advertisements make us feel self-conscious as a marketing tactic and the use of Photoshop in publications has become so naturalised that we doubt ourselves based upon what is, essentially, false advertising. Our vulnerabilities are exposed.

With a rise in these trends, there has been a shocking growth in the number of those who openly express discontent with their body. The average size of 'idealised' women, as portrayed by models, is 13-19% below healthy weight." and the constructed 'ideals' portrayed to us by the media are unrealistic. It's about time that we started to celebrate real bodies!

My Body Confidence Campaign seeks to address this because life is too short for our bodies to define us."

Stephanie’s photographs were exhibited at the College along with her poster campaign, in a solo exhibition.

This project explored the following aspects of equality and diversity: Disability; Gender reassignment; Pregnancy and maternity; Sexual Orientation; Sex; Mental Health; Body Image

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